[12 Mar] My spring look ( Inspired by white valentine’s day )

Spring Look

Hi all,
Today, I’m going to show you guys my spring look with an inspiration from white valentine day( I know this one is quite old because it was taken last spring in 2012.  Maybe you have seen it already, maybe you haven’t but either way I want to share it with you all again ). There is not much  to say about valentine’s outfit except romance, feminity, gentleness and elegance. However, to make the outfit more personal by putting my own chic style on it,  I basically decided to wear some metallic accessories ( such as bracelets, rings, a small studded handbag etc ) and never forget a pair of combat boots to finish my look. So here it is….

My spring look

I feel a bit sorry for using two very old pics cuz I’m kinda busy for making time to set a new photoshoot but hope you can like it. Thanks for reading.
By the way, here is a R&B vietnamese song called “real love” that is always in my favourite playlist
Bcuz of being single lol so I rarely listen to all kinda love songs but  this one is deeply addictive. The beat is just awesome <3

Music: REAL LOVE by KIMMESE & JUSTA TEE ( from Spacespeakers )
Producer: TOULIVER

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