[21 June] Diary #36 – God bless Sing/ Malay pp & govt !

Well said Mr. Lee !
Really admire him after all of his ever done for Singapore . However, the PSI in Sing & Malay are keeping higher ( reached a peak at 371 – “very unhealthy” level ) due to the deforestation in Sumatra, Indonesia.  This problem makes me remember the fukushima tradegy eventho this one is not worse than that. Sing pp need to be calmer & fight together. I have no idea what the hell Indo official govt is doin’ during this tough. I’ve read an article said that Indonesia says Singapore acting “like a child” over haze =))))))

Who can recognize Marina bay sands via this pic ? - Yahoo SG

Who can recognize Marina bay sands via this pic ? – Yahoo SG

What a joke ! Perhaps they dunno who is the victim after all & who must be put the blame on =)) The world court might be the lastest warning of malay & sing govt I guess if “their beloved neighbor” had nothing to control the smoky haze and avoid that stupid burning method.  Anw, feel sorry to know this issue cuz Sing is gonna be my 2nd “homeland” & there are so many friends of mine staying here. GOD BLESS SING & MALAY PP. So plz wear a mask and lessen any outdoor activities as much as possible.
P/s: Mr.Lee reminds me of Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh – The people’s council president in Danang, Vietnam ( my beloved homeland ). Mr. Thanh is a successful leader too ( Now he has moved to a new position in another place ) TT.TT They have so many resemblances in being a good leader: Proactive, influential, visionary & accountable so I have to give them all my respectation for what they’ve done for their citizens.

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